Sr. Data Analytics & Machine Learning Research Analyst

Job description

Work Description

We are looking for a specialist to join our team. We work in projects that are related to Cybersecurity, Machine Learning and automotive embedded systems.

Your work will help improve the security of current and future automotive technologies, including in-vehicle systems protection, secure V2X communications, autonomous driving and privacy.

Your work will involve several Cybersecurity-related tasks, including applied research and development of Cybersecurity solutions that work with automotive embedded systems.

We are looking for someone flexible, curious, willing to learn and to adapt to the team needs in each different project.

Your abilities should include most of the following:

  • Experience and/or knowledge of in-vehicle computer and networking technology: CAN bus, FlexRay, Auto Ethernet.
  • Experience with IoT and embedded security projects. Understanding of software vulnerabilities and flaws on embedded platforms
  • Affinity with C and Python programming
  • Experience with software implementation on microcontrollers (such as NXP, ST, or other ARM based platforms). Good programming experience in embedded systems, knowledge of different embedded architectures. Knowledge of automotive technologies and architectures is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Linux security.
  • Knowledge of Hypervisor and container security.
  • Knowledge of Cloud security.
  • Experience implementing data privacy solutions. Knowledge of different ways to implement data privacy and de-anonymization attacks.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning security issues: adversarial examples, model copy, or recovery of training data, and possible countermeasures.
  • Experience with attacks using SDR, including protocol reverse-engineering.
  • Pen-testing experience. Pen-testing embedded devices and experience with escape from hypervisors is a plus
  • Good general Cybersecurity knowledge: ciphers, protocols, PKIs, SCA, FI, secure boot, HSMs, TPMs.
  • Understanding of PKI and TLS, experience with OpenSSL or similar.
  • Understanding of side-channel attacks and countermeasures.


What we expect

  • Required experience / knowledge / skills:
  • Master in Computer Science, Mathematics, Electronics, Industrial Engineering, Telecommunications.
  • Strong ethics
  • Being able to read and summarize research papers in Cryptanalysis, Cybersecurity and Machine Learning, and apply them.
  • Good communication skills, including presentation and documentation writing.
  • Strong analytical mind, ability to independently find and process technical information.
  • Leadership and a make-do, problem-solving attitude.
  • Original thinking.
  • Research publications, patents, public projects are a plus.