Sr. Cybersecurity & HW/SW Engineer

Job description

Job description

We are looking for a specialist to join our team. We work in projects that are related to Cybersecurity, automotive embedded systems and cloud computing, using Machine Learning and Deep Learning in some of our projects.

Your work will help improve the security of current and future automotive technologies, including the protection of in-vehicle systems, secure V2X communications and autonomous driving technologies. Your work will also help protect user privacy.

We are looking for a professional with hands-on experience in offensive Cybersecurity, electronics, embedded devices and their communications, as well as a good understanding of defensive and general Cybersecurity. Cloud computing experience is a plus.

We are a small but growing team. We are building state-of-the-art products that will help the industry to leap forward. We are looking for someone self-motivated and entrepreneurial, flexible, curious, willing to learn and to adapt to the team needs in the different projects.


Your core tasks will involve, but are not limited to: • Analysing the current car computer and networking technology to detail to find vulnerabilities and potential problems. This includes technology inside the car (CAN bus, FlexRay, Auto Ethernet, attached devices) as well over-the-air communications (V2X, 4G, 5G). This can include reverse-engineering devices and communications when needed. • Helping colleagues to design and implement tools to extract and analyse low-level information from vehicles to better understand their functioning. • Cryptanalyzing security devices as HSM, secure boot mechanisms, secure protocols, etc. • Designing and implementing improved attacks using Machine Learning and others. • Designing proof-of-concepts of both attacks (exploits) and security mechanisms. • Keeping up-to-date with the current vehicle automaker ecosystem to find potential problems with security and privacy. • Finding strategic targets to analyse. • Collaborate in sourcing of information and materials. • Examining potential privacy threats and finding ways to counter them. • Presenting results in public.



Required experience / knowledge / skills

• Bachelor in Physics, Computer Science, Electronics, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics or Telecommunications. • Proven knowledge of: ciphers, protocols, different usages of PKIs. • Hands-on experience pen-testing of different HW platforms (x86, ARM, etc.) and SW platforms (Linux, Android), including knowledge of protection mechanisms. • Hands-on experience with analysing and reverse-engineering communication protocols. Interaction using SDR. • Programming in Python and C/C++. • Knowledge of CAN bus communications and vehicle electronics. • Experience with cloud computing and understanding of its security aspects.

• Strong ethics. • Leadership and a make-do, problem-solving attitude.



• MsC or PhD in Cybersecurity. • Experience with microcontroller programming and embedded hw/software stacks.

• Knowledge of ML/DL theory, as well as tools and techniques. • Knowledge of: SCA, FI, template attacks, etc. • Experience with automotive OSes and stacks: QNX, AUTOSAR, etc. • Experience with reverse-engineering in SW and embedded HW. • Knowledge of privacy protection mechanisms and their trade-offs.

• Knowledge of tamper-resistant protection methods. • Contribution to research publications, public projects, presentations, participation in competitions.


What we offer

• A competitive salary (based on a 40-hour week), consistent with your level of education and experience • An initial one-year contract with the prospect of an indefinite contract • One extra month’s salary per year (‘13th month’), plus 8% holiday allowance annually • 25 vacation days , 5 compensation days • Flexible working hours • Extensive training opportunities • Pension and health insurance scheme • A fast moving, innovative and international diverse working environment