Deep Learning Researcher (with the potential to pursue a Ph.D. at the TU/e)

Job description

Our mission

At NavInfo Europe, we leverage our skills and expertise in map data delivery, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity to produce advanced solutions for various markets. The collective knowledge of our multidisciplinary teams has been applied to accelerate autonomous driving and empower smart cities. Helping companies realize their vision with the latest technology is our mission, and high-quality, robust solutions is our promise.

Meet the Team

You will join our multicultural and multidisciplinary AI research team to further our efforts in developing novel neuroscience inspired algorithms for tackling the most pertinent challenges in deep learning.

AI Department

At the AI Research department, we take pride in tackling the most fundamental challenges in computer vision using next-generation brain inspired algorithms which not only drive our AI applications but also make a significant contribution to the AI landscape.

  • Enabling efficient continual learning.
  • Self supervised learning
  • Better learning algorithms: improving sample efficiency, robust learning under crowdsourced noisy labels and class imbalance, reduced susceptibility to simplicity bias and shortcut learning.
  • Understanding the neural networks and reverse engineering them to gain insights for better designs.
  • Improving the generalizability of models to out-of-distribution data
  • Improving the robustness under malicious attack to create robust, trustworthy AI.

Ph.D. and research opportunities

Strong candidates will be provided the opportunity to get enrolled in our Ph.D. program in collaboration with the Technical University of Eindhoven. We also emphasize on publishing papers on top-tier conferences and journals. You can find an overview of some of our recent published work on our NeurAI YouTube channel



  • A masters/PhD degree in machine learning, computer vision, computer science, mathematics, or physics.
  • Excellent knowledge of Deep Learning
  • Strong interest in conducting fundamental research.
  • Publication(s) in the main conferences and journals on AI
  • A proven record of implementing deep learning methods and familiarity with scientific computing frameworks. 
  • Experience in TensorFlow/PyTorch
  • High commitment to quality

If you feel you fit the description, and you are interested in working within a fast-growing, international and innovative organization with a solid customer base, then please send your CV to or apply directly via the application button. You can expect a challenging job with a market conforming employment package. For more information please contact the HRM department +31 40-711 35 00, Luchthavenweg 34, 5657 EB Eindhoven.