Corporate Development Manager

Job description

Your Responsibilities

NavInfo Corporate Development (CorpDev ) is responsible for scouting the right companies, which bring in added value and increase the market value of NavInfo from financial and/or technical point of view. The possible outcomes of CorpDev are either licensing specific technology IP, forming part nerships or joint ventures, or initiating mergers and acquisition projects (M&A).

CorpDev projects don't just magically happen. Rather, they are often a culmination of business development/partnership/vendor customer relationships where fit is tested first , products are reviewed, PoCs are done in order to de risk the outcomes of CorpDev.

In order to support the strategic goals of NavInfo and on short mid term the Vision 2022, the Corporate Development Manager will be responsible for a specific thematic area. Some areas which are currently being executed involve semiconductor market, autonomous driving, AI, vision, and mapping related topics.
The following activities are part of the Corporate Development Manager profile:

• Aligning with NavInfo BUs and strategy team on their requirements & challenges, in iterative


• Align with NavInfo USA on plan of approach

• Define SMART goals

• Setting up a Corporate Development roadmap for a specific thematic area

• If required, hire external advice & consultancy (e.g. semiconductors)

• If required, hire services of Advanced Research Lab or BUs for PoCs or technical analysis

• Market scanning

• Networking with ex ternal parties

• Supporting and executing due diligence in case of M&A:

o Technical (70%)

o Legal (10%)

o Financial (20%)

• Act as project owner, stakeholder, and as project manager from cradle to the grave

• Internally “selling the idea”

• Documenting & sharing knowledge in Confluence and using other communication channels

• Internal marketing

• Maintaining the pipeline of investment/M&A opportunities which they are tracking



• Minimum Masters’ degree (preferred in technical or quantitative fields e.g. Computer Science, Telecommunications, Econometrics)

• Strong understanding & interest in the area s of AI, autonomous driving, big data analytics, smart cities, IoT, cybersecurity

• At least 8 years of professional experience (consulting or new technologies preferred)

• AI Machine Practical knowledge of one or more of the following technologies and solutions: AI Machine Learning, AI Predictive Learning, AI Predictive Models, Cognitive Computing, PaaS, Data Ownership, IoT, Smart Models, Smart Cities, Smart Mobility

• Proficiency with Excel and Power Point

• Able to think out of the box

• Excellent analytical and problem solving skills

• Creative creative about ways to get the job done efficiently 

• Strong understanding & interest of industry trends and standard & emerging technology solutions 

• Proven ability to thrive in a work environment that is international, multicultural, competitive & challenging

• Positive attitude, creativity & strong interest to solve complex client challenges encompassing technology and business

• Structured and result oriented. Hard worker, highly motivated to learn, execute, deliver and be accountable for results

• Follow up regularly and maintain momentum with counter parties. Equip yourself with all required documents, tools, and methods documents to move the audience.

• Self-aware. Enjoy constructive feedback, and proactively identify opportunities for self improvement

• Technically Proficient. Motivated to learn more about company technology and products at more than a surface level. Never gives the answer “you’ll need to talk to the technical at more than a surface level. Never gives the answer “you’ll need to talk to the technical team for that” more than once for a topic. Becomes a technical expert on any relevant topic and able to proficiently describe technical concepts to internal concepts to internal stakeholders

• Excellent written, presentation, and project management skills.

• Highly proficient in English and German written and spoken 

• Willingness and ability to travel occasionally within Europe or occasionally within Europe or to to China